Safety ~ Madfish ~ July 28

July 26, 2012 at 12:00 pm (Music)

Ghostbusters, Footloose, Desperately Seeking Susan, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, License to Drive, Mannequin, Beetlejuice, Flight of the Navigator, Bill & Ted, Princess Bride, Karate Kid, Ferris Bueller, Clue, Goonies, Flashdance, Heathers, Inner Space, Labyrinth, Lost Boys, Top Gun, Roadhouse, Liquid Sky, Short Circuit, Say Anything, Fast Times, Spinal Tap, ET, Dirty Dancing, Teen Wolf, Better of Dead, Stripes, Coming to America…

Dress up as your favorite 80s Movie Character, or just pull out your hypercolor, creepers, and side ponytails! Come to the Madfish on Rocky Neck. Dance. All. Night. Long.

SAFETY 80s Movie Party • all your favorite 80s hits • LIVE • Madfish • 77 Rocky Neck Ave • Gloucester, MA • $10

*The second of only two shows this summer!
** Dressing up encouraged, but not required!


  1. Rich B said,

    I think they’re posters are great! I guess I have to go see them play

  2. Joanne said,

    It will most definitely be wild and fun for sure!

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